Free on Bandcamp

Spring is in the air in Gambier, and its high time for another blog post. I’ve been super busy working on finishing up a 4 song EP with locals Tom Johnson’s Big Day, along with tracking and mixing an 8 track LP with local female-fronted punk quartet SPORTS. Beyond that, I’m starting to book a few projects for the summer, and am really looking forward to mixing a full length from my pals Grandin Manor.

Recently, I’ve felt like I’m in a bit of a rut musically, and have been trying to find some new and interesting projects to listen to. Well, today, I have a couple records that I found for free on Bandcamp that are definitely worth your investigations.

The first is a self-titled EP by a band from England called Woodford Green. They’re a guy/girl folksy sort of project, and this EP is beautiful. Their arrangements are very lush with trumpet, accordion, banjo, upright bass, lofi keyboards, a full percussion section, and strummed acoustic guitar carrying most of the songs. For ‘Name Your Price’ on bandcamp, its a no brainer. You could even get a special edition vinyl copy!

Recommended track: Round and Round

Download the whole record here.

The second recommendation is another folk project, this time a four piece band headed by singer songwriter Dave Gerard. In 2012, Dave and his band, the Watchmen, released an LP called I Climbed a Tree. This record is mellow and warm sounding, and the tracks flow beautifully from one to the next. The combination of Dave’s voice with that of Rosie Jones, his banjo player, reminds me of Milo Greene in a way, and their harmonies are equally beautiful.

Recommended track: Oh So Quiet

Download the whole record here.