Grandin Manor

One of the first paid recording jobs I ever had was mixing an EP a band a couple years younger than me at my high school, who were, at the time, called Bimbo and the Chips. That record was never released, as the band morphed into a new project called Grandin Manor. Fast forward to today, and I have the distinct pleasure of mixing and mastering Grandin Manor’s debut EP. Most of the tracking was done at Curtis Inc. by Jake Tippey (Ramshackle Recordings), and let me be the first to say that it sounds incredible. This band has matured a ton since that first record I did with them, and I’m so excited for the final mixes to be done.

Here are a few pictures from our overdub tracking session tonight, which was the virgin voyage for my new Universal Audio Apollo Twin. The setup was a super simple two track rig using just the Apollo pres and a little Presonus headphone amp. More pictures, sounds, and a review of the Apollo coming very soon.