I am a freelance producer, recording engineer, and sound fanatic based in Cincinnati, OH.

I’ve been a musician all my life, and have been recording bands for the past five years or so, mostly with my mobile setup in houses, churches, or practice spaces, though I also did a stint as an assistant engineer at The Monastery (The National, Over the Rhine, Sacred Spirits). I’m equally comfortable working in a commercial studio full of high end equipment as in your living room with my own equipment.

My recording style varies wildly from project to project, but in general, I tend to prefer mixes with a bit of grit and color to them, and value arrangement over everything. Regardless of the quality of the recording, arrangement can make or break a song, so its always good to be actively aware of the how parts interact and come together from day one of preproduction all the way to the last day of mastering. Beyond that, I tend to err towards leaving some of the imperfections in recordings, rather than editing and autotuning perfect performances. As John Vanderslice, the owner of Tiny Telephone studios, put it, “I don’t think anything sounds better than a casual and rough performance by an excellent musician.” Leaving some of that roughness and edge adds an intimacy to a recording that can’t be matched by any amount of software manipulation. That said, I’m very capable and happy to do intensive editing if that’s what a certain track or client calls for. At the end of the day, my main goal is to help you to best capture the sound in your head.

If you’d like to chat about a project, or just chat in general, please get in touch using the Contact page.

Aside from my freelance work, I’m also the studio manager at WKCO FM, a college radio station in Gambier, OH. If you’re interested in doing an in-studio, interview, or anything else related to WKCO, please get in touch at